Did you get this one yeti??  I may be gone but my shop is still open for biz. #chadeaton
Wall hog #chadeaton @the_lbproject  (at Streetmachine)
There is a bunch of new #elementxtimber tees floating around Europe. Thanks for the good picture @theshopvilassar. And thanks for the collab @elementeurope
Tomorrow night I’ll be here! Stop by and see me. @the_lbproject
On another note. I made it to Copenhagen, wish you were here….
new calendar print up in the shop
I guess I’m going to Copenhagen on the 10th. Anybody have any advise for me? What to do or see? Anybody got an extra bed or coach I can stay on in trade for some prints of mine???
Me in Paris 2014.
There’s shoes floating around Europe too. #chadeaton
This should be up for sale online and in stores now. @elementeurope #funstuff #chadeaton