An Italian kid wearing an old TIMBER! Shirt in Brescia…. (at Railway Skatepark)
Polaroided by @natashapanattoni #elementxtimber
Been in Italy for a couple days… (at Via Pestalozzi 10)
Also….I’m selling this 3 print set/triptych of this saloon scene I drew in my shop to cross promote things. Help me pay rent while I’m gone and pick up a set. #chadeaton #youwontbedisaponinted
I’m on a euro tour for @elementeurope BTW. #elementxtimber #bootbeertour
In Gent Belgium tonight. If you live here come by. #chadeaton elementxtimber  (at Brooklyn Gent)
Making progress. #chadeaton  (at Element Paris)
Window displayz for dayz. #chadeaton  (at Element Paris)
This lovely lady has been selling my junk in her shop for 6 years now. If you’re in COPENHAGEN go grab stuff. “My favourite things” in nørrebro.  (at My Favourite Things)
Did you get this one yeti??  I may be gone but my shop is still open for biz. #chadeaton